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what a surveyor does when they survey a property

getting started:

The First thing needed when performing a property survey is the current deed that conveyed the property. The Surveyor will do preliminary research, finding any existing survey control in the area. Generally, after this is done the surveyor is able to give an estimate of the cost to provide the surveying services that you have requested.

office calculations:

Once selected to perform the survey the Surveyor will perform office calculations in preparation for the field survey, all record data will be compared and a plan will be formulated.

field survey:

When the Surveyor arrives on site the first task will be to survey all the existing control and the existing site conditions of the subject property, it is also common to interview the Property Owner and adjoiners to collect additional evidence that may be used in the survey.

office survey:

The Surveyor will make further calculations using the data collected on-site to form a Professional Opinion as to where he/she believes the Property Line lies on the ground.

final field survey:

The Surveyor will arrive back on site and set the final survey monuments and generally talk again with Property Owners and show all monument locations.

final office survey:

The Surveyor will draft a Record of Survey, which shows and explains all work performed and all documents used in forming a Professional Opinion. The Property Owner will review that map, it will then be filed and/or recorded with the proper County.