Serving the Greater Northwest since 1972

About Us
CK3, LLC dates back to 1972 with it's parent company being "G&W Engineering". The company has had several name changes over the years and had become known as "Edwards & Cummings, LLC". In 2006 by the merger of two local firms, "Edwards & Cummings, LLC" and "K-3 Services, Inc." the firm is now known as "CK3, LLC.
Ontario Office
Our Ontario office was established in 1972, where our very first office was located at 34 N. Oregon Street, which we occupied until 1985. We then moved to 768 Sunset Drive and in 1997, we relocated to 156 SE 1st Street in Ontario. In 2007, our current building was purchased, remodeled and located at 368 SW 5th Avenue. We can be reached at (541) 889-5411.

CK3, LLC staff has over 40 years of experience in civil, structural & electrical engineering, surveying, planning, project management and administration services to meet any need and take pride in our ability to effectively and efficiently carry out challenging and complex projects.

Hermiston Office
Our Hermiston office was established in 1987 (formerly known as Edwards & Cummings, LLC) and was located at 82077 Hwy 395 N., in Umatilla, Oregon. In 2011 CK3, LLC purchased, remodeled and moved into our new location at: 945 W. Orchard Avenue in Hermiston Oregon. The building was locally known as the Orchard Pharmacy. We can be reached at (541) 567-2345.

On the following pages we have selected a sampling of past projects that represent the broad range of our design and engineering expertise. A comprehensive or specific specialized listing of CK3 projects will be gladly provided upon request.