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United States Airforce

This Project consisted primarily of Geodetic Survey Control and the data collection for the development of a GIS database of all improvements on the five-mile by five-mile square Air Force Academy site, along with two offsite training areas. CK3, LLC worked closely with Insite Consulting Inc. and the Air Force developing unique code descriptors and attribute data tags. Some of the challenges of this project were weather conditions that ranged from a 60-degree day and the next day would be minus 12 degrees, the two months of living in a hotel away from home and family and the wildlife that always seemed curious with our GPS Base station.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Off Site Landing Strip as we set up our Trimble GPS equipment at a Trianglation Station. The Gator provided excellent on site transportation.
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Pictured is Lance King locating a downed aircraft in a Fire Fighter Training Grounds at the Air Force Academy site.
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Chase King collects Topography Data on some water valves using the Robotic Total Station. Chase is a One Man Crew.
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Lance King collects Utility Data using Trimble GPS equipment.
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Pictured is Chase King collecting Water Line Data.