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Sucker Creek Project

1998 This Project consisted primarily of the retracement of the original GLO Surveyors from 1898 the purpose was to define the Boundary of the Homestead Ranch site in Sucker Creek Oregon. Some of the challenges of this project were locating the original scribed stones, locating topo calls, the extreme weather conditions and the rough Owyhee countryside that proves to always be as changing as spectacular.

Sucker Creek, Oregon

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Static GPS observation on an original 1898 Section Corner near the Ranch House.
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Static GPS observation using the LEICA 399 series GPS Receiver.
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Static GPS observation on an original 1898 ¼ corner as a thunderstorm roles in…
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Static GPS observation on a rock out cropping, an 1898 TOPO call overlooking the valley that the Ranch House is located.