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PC Energy Project

PC Energy is a partnership between Poole Oil Inc., of Ontario, Oregon and Campo Oil Company of Fruitland, Idaho. The partnership was created to meet the State of Oregon requirement that mandates all diesel fuel to contain 2% biodiesel beginning in October of 2009.

Petroleum diesel and biodiesel will be delivered to the facility via rail and truck and then blended together at the PC Energy facility. The facility will have the ability to blend the percentages that the customers desire, (ranging from 2% to 50% biodiesel). The blended product will then be delivered to consumers throughout Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho. Currently, the closest blending facility is in Portland, Oregon where that product is transported to Umatilla, Oregon and further distributed to our area. The PC Energy facility will deliver competitively priced fuel to Eastern Oregon (up to 200 miles from Ontario) to meet the State of Oregon's bio-diesel mandate.

CK3, LLC was contracted to provide Civil, Structural Engineering and Surveying services for the project. A conceptual plan was provided to CK3 by PC Energy and the civil/site design and facility layout was developed based on the client's needs and input, along with development requirements of the City of Ontario and State of Oregon codes.

Construction of the PC Energy blending facility located at 93 SE 7th Avenue began in the fall of 2009 by Mid Valley Construction Company and is estimated to be complete by May 1, 2010, and under operation sometime soon thereafter.

Ontario, Oregon

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Prior to construction of containment wall/area.
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Footing/foundation of Boiler Building.
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Setting a fuel tank inside the containment area.
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Fuel tank set inside containment area.