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SurveyBar B Ranch Project

It's not a bird, it's not a flying doll, it's an air plane. Construction of the landing strip; located on the Bar B Ranch in Promise, Oregon was completed. As with a lot of projects, there proved to be a few obstacles to overcome before the design was complete.

Bar B Enterprises contracted with CK3, LLC in 2007 to provide construction drawings for the approximately 3,000 foot long, private landing strip.

The first obstacle to be encountered was an existing county road (Sick Foot Road). The county road intersected the proposed landing strip alignment about 400 feet from the end (or 2,600 feet from the start). Meetings were held and the county approved an alignment, R.O. W exhibits and construction plans to relocate the road approximately 650 feet south of its existing location.

The next obstacle that was encountered was the soils. The general soil type encountered at the site was Weathered Basalt. However, the idea of a landing strip had been previously entertained and a substantial amount of highly organic clay fill had been placed in the low areas of the proposed alignment. The clay fill was inadequate to support the proposed landing strip and required removal.

The underlying soils also proved to be a major obstacle during construction. The discovery of unsuitable sub-grade soils was prominent during the excavation and grading operations. These areas required over excavation and bringing in suitable fill materials. Fortunately, there was a nearby source.

During construction CK3 also provided construction staking services. This consisted of alignment/cut stakes for the new county road and the runway. The new county road required a substantial amount of cut on the west end where it tied back into the original alignment of Sick Foot Road. Once the grade was close we checked both the grade and alignment to make sure the design was being followed. We hubbed the sub-base and base rock to help ensure they had a smooth surface to pave on.

The final step was setting the new right-of-way pins for the new segment of Sick Foot Road, as well as drafting the record of survey to be sent to the county to be recorded. As the pictures show, the project turned out very well, as CK3 turned out another successful project with a satisfied client now being able to land their plane right at the ranch.

Promise, Oregon

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