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Selecting a Professional Land Surveyor
When selecting a Professional Land Surveyor you should select one that specializes in property boundary surveying. A local surveyor is usually always best, as a local surveyor will have land records that most others will not, which will not only save time and money but will insure the correct controlling corners are being used
The Surveyor should always perfrom the work under a contract, this will help eliminate misunderstandings, a well defined scope of work that list all services, fees and the survey price should always be requested.
Here is a checklist to keep in mind:
checkbox  Monuments found and placed
checkbox  Survey map prepared
checkbox  PLA/Partition Application (if required)
checkbox  PLA/Partition fees (if required)
checkbox  Filing Fees
checkbox  Recording fees
checkbox  Meetings with client & governing agencies
checkbox  Legal description (if required)
checkbox  Access Private Property correctly and legally
When selecting a Surveyor it is most important that you select one that holds a valid license in the State in which the property is located, using an unlicensed surveyor will be a complete waste of time and money and will not yield a legal survey. In nearly all States, Surveyors are required by law to continue their education, this is to insure that they understand court rulings and changes in the law relating to boundary surveying. Ask your Surveyor about their continuing education.
Check Surveyors License
When selecting a Survey Firm, selecting a well-established firm with a long successful history will insure support long after the project is complete. Selecting a firm that is established and licensed with the State will help insure that you have not selected a "Firm or Individual" that will not be around to support your needs.
Check Business Registry: