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Electrical Engineering
New Plymouth High School

In the spring of 2006 a lighting and lighting control upgrade was designed and installed for the New Plymouth School District. The job consisted of replacing fluorescent light fixtures with older T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts with energy efficient T8 lamp technology using electronic ballasts. In the process fixtures were able to re-lamped to 32W, T8, 6000 °K lamps and provided occupancy sensors in all areas including hallways.

This resulted in a little over 30% reduction in lighting energy based on comparison of the original configuration to the new more energy efficient arrangement. With additional savings provided by the improvements in the lighting controls, overall interior lighting energy for the facility was reduced by estimated 50% or more. Idaho Power rebates were applied for and received for both the new lamping and ballast configurations as well as the improved lighting controls.

Staff at the school commented on how bright the class room was after the conversion and went on about the clean, fresh new look of the 6000°K “daylight” T8 lamps. As you can see from the pictures, it’s doing more with less!

New Plymouth, Idaho

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