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Electrical Engineering
Fruitland Elementary School Project

Constructed in 2006 this 73,000 sq. foot new elementary school was the major part of a much needed facility expansion and improvement bond passed by the community. The project also included a new high school band building, remodel and expansion of the gymnasium followed by a remodel of the old elementary school building. This project included T5 high bay fluorescent fixtures in the gym and use of 32 W T8 lamps with electronic ballasts elsewhere. Interestingly, this project also took advantage of the scotopic performance of the 6500 °K lamps but only after staff visited the upgraded New Plymouth High School to see for themselves what “daylight” fluorescents were all about. All those who went for the look see were unanimous in their approval!

This project also took full advantage of available lighting control technology. Teachers and staff really liked the fact they don’t need to concern themselves with light switches unless they wanted to change one of the three selectable lighting levels. District management also liked the fact that should anyone be in the building at night interior lights would be activated providing an added deterrent to any potential school vandals.
Fruitland, Idaho

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