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Boundary Disputes
Boundary Disputes:
When dealing with boundary disputes the first thing to keep in mind is that Surveyors do not determine the disputed boundary lines between adjoiners, they provide evidence in the form of a Record of Survey or other documents and provide their Professional Opinions based on all the evidence they have collected and measurements they have made.
What a Professional Land Surveyor does when they work with Boundary Disputes:
If the parties in a boundary dispute cannot accept the surveyors opinion they may get additional opinions or have their dispute settled in court.
When a surveyor takes a boundary dispute project usually a fixed price to cover all services in not given, the amount of office work and field work can double and even triple. The surveyor may need to collect more evidence from owners in the past, this may include research related to agreements/junior/senior deed research and additional monument recovery.
It becomes very important that you have selected a surveyor that is licensed, specialzes in these services, is qualified and will stand behind the work and Professional Opinion formed, because the boundary line is a Professional Opinion and these opinions are subject to court ruling, it is important that Surveyors continue their education to undersand court rulings and changes in laws. Click here to see "Select a Professional Land Surveyor".
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